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Enjoy walking on the walkdesk.

The Walkdesk™ allows you to benefit of exercise while you’re at work. Your physical level and mental health will also be improved and all of this while you are mailing, telephoning, reading or delegating . At the moment I use a Walkdesk™ and walk at a speed of 1 km / h : for example, today I walked 4 km and burned 150 calories. I feel much better on my Walkdesk and have more energy than before. If you want to know more, feel free to read and explore this website.

businessman sits too much

Dangers of sitting too much

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many hours a day you spend sitting? During breakfast, during your commute from/to work, at work, at the dinner table, while driving, watching TV and so on...
Research has shown that people who sit too often and too long have a higher risk at illnesses such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases and certain forms of cancer.
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Moving pays off

Moving a lot at work isn’t always that easy. In the last 50 years, the amount of ‘active’ jobs, jobs with enough movement, has decreased by 50%. Factors such as job profile, organization of work and the physical work environment don’t always allow a lot of moving around. But this doesn’t have to stop employers from stimulating his employees to move more.
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The solution: (L.)L.I.M.

What is (L.)L.I.M.? (Long) low-intensity movement is a calm form of exercise such as walking, strolling, riding a bike or standing. With the right tools, this form of exercise can easily be combined with numerous parts of your daily job and is easy to implement in every lifestyle.
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Implementing move-moments

What this basically means is that the risk of health issues increases if long periods of sitting aren’t interrupted at regular times. The message is: Everybody who often sits longer than half an hour through the day, benefits from implementing (short) moments of movement.